welcome to Lent

I’d like to say I’m a little more animated than the stoned expression on my face, but I haven’t slept more than a few hours at a time since Saturday and bla bla bla…whatever. I’m especially proud of the burgeoning afro — the humidity is killing me. I do think I have a nice shot of my brown eyes…and of course, the ashes.

Whatever. I invite you to join the conversation about new media that’s being hosted by Sean and many others over at Catholic Roundup and elsewhere on the web. Join us. It’s an important discussion about new media, how we’re using it, what’s going on with it, what’s the future, how we can work together, and most importantly, how all this serves to glorify God.

Do a few things to get started. First, go read this post, Announcing 40 Days of Catholic Media 2011 and work your way backward. Sorry I’m a little late in getting the word out, but I’ve had some family business that takes precedence. Then read this post about introducing yourself on the Facebook page and jumping into the discussions.

Anyway, read about it, and see where you fit into the puzzle. We are all, to a degree, consumers as well as producers, but most importantly, we are brothers and sisters in Christ embarking on this great journey.

Join us. There’s room for everyone.

Hi! Wanna say something? Go ahead. Be nice.

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