the Church, New Media, and a Mission

Well, how fun is this? I just got back from the Catholic New Media Conference in Kansas City, where I not only wandered around to get autographs for the delightful Angela Santana, who is mentioned in Brandon Voght’s book, The Church and New Media, but Brandon and I sat down together during one of the breaks and chatted with the ustream audience.

My review of his book is currently up at the Catholic Portal over at I hope you jump on over and read it there.

Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter entitled In the Beginning of the New Millennium (Novo Millennio Ineunte) reminds us that St. Peter and his companions trusted in the Lord when he urged them to “put out into the deep” (Lk. 5:4) and do the work of spreading the Gospel.

This image of the Apostles as fishers of men extends to all of us today, especially those in the field of new media. It charges us with a responsibility to “rekindle in ourselves the impetus of the beginnings and allow ourselves to be filled with the ardor of the apostolic preaching which followed Pentecost.”

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