it’s national poetry day!

One of my favorite things to do with poetry when I am in a large group (um, like a class) is to create poems from the words around us. It’s called a “found” poem because you can’t change the words or otherwise manipulate them…you get what you find.

This morning on Twitter I discovered a blog from @GuardianBooks that was using book titles as poems, so I went to my own shelf and grabbed a few, stacked them, and took a picture. I’m not sure that I like the order of the words (that you can move around), so maybe I’ll come back later and re-sort them. You can, too, if you want 🙂

Just Read the Titles

Eat, Pray, Love;
Can’t wait to get to heaven.

Choosing beauty for one more day…
a little joy, a little oy.

Great expectations:
Questions and answers.

Patterns for a purpose three minutes a day.

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