Did I make it to Quick Takes Friday?

Oh! I remembered before midnight!

Check out the collection of other 7 Quick Takes Friday posts, hosted at Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog, Conversion Diary


I can’t believe what a slacker I’ve been, specifically with the Quick Takes, but generally with the poor little ole blog. The upside is that I have posted some things elsewhere, so at least I’ve been doing some of that. Sarah Reinhard so sweetly encourages me to play at her blog, Snoring Scholar, so I wrote this about the #gratefultweets campaign. And then my review of The Mighty Macs that isn’t quite a review because I chat it up about how it stirs up old memories for me is at Patheos, which, by the way, you should check out if you’ve never seen the eclectic collection of bloggers featured there.


It wouldn’t be Friday if I wasn’t complaining about laundry. So, grumble grumble laundry grumble.


I started the week (or ended the weekend, I guess everything is relative) at the beach. You can see the pictures on this post.


I’m getting ready for yet another round of NaNoWriMo. While I’ve actually produced a few books that started during NaNoWriMo, I’ve never finished in the 30 days. It’s only 50K words. Only. One of these years I’m gonna do it. Could this be the year?


I’m a little bit outside my comfort zone right now…did I say I’m applying for a doctoral program? In creative writing? Maybe I’ve told a few people, you know, like friends who won’t laugh or think I’m crazy. Anyway, it feels a little scary saying it here publicly, but there you go. You might want to pray for me…obviously to get accepted, but practically, for me to actually finish the arduous application in time.


It’s the last weekend in October! I’m all stocked with candy for the little ones in the neighborhood, but besides the fun of Halloween, have you considered that it’s also the month when we celebrate the Rosary? I have a little story to tell about the rosary on Pat Gohn’s Among Women episode 112. You’ll want to hear all the beautiful stories shared in that episode!


Finally, I’m reading a new book. Maybe you’ve heard about it? It’s Lisa Hendey’s A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms . I’ll be reviewing it in a couple of days. Get it. It’s awesome!


2 thoughts on “Did I make it to Quick Takes Friday?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out about Among Women 112 about the Rosary… I love that so many AW listeners contributed- especially you! But kindly let me also recommend AW 113 featuring Lisa Hendey talking about the very book you mention!

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