pretty shiny prettiness

Doesn’t this look like a stained glass window? I love stained glass windows. I love silliness, too.

If Jesus was going to have some fun with me and lob big and little graces at me from heaven, I think they would look like this…beautifully clear, colorful water balloons that plop on my head, and when they explode, splatter all around me. So you see, if I were you, I wouldn’t scoot away from me. No. I’d suggest you stand right beside me so you’d get soaked, too.

One thought on “pretty shiny prettiness

  1. Ha! In a similar way, when our son entered seminary, we would say that the Holy Spirit had thrown a bucket of life giving water on to our son, and we got splashed a little, too. Thanks to your post, I now imagine the event in color!


    All from God; All for God,
    PJ Baum

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