pretty shiny prettiness

Doesn’t this look like a stained glass window? I love stained glass windows. I love silliness, too.

If Jesus was going to have some fun with me and lob big and little graces at me from heaven, I think they would look like this…beautifully clear, colorful water balloons that plop on my head, and when they explode, splatter all around me. So you see, if I were you, I wouldn’t scoot away from me. No. I’d suggest you stand right beside me so you’d get soaked, too.

I knew I’d find it if I looked hard enough

Whoa, it’s been a heck of a week. The end of a term is always marked by chaos, long days and longer nights, and a certain level of anxiety and distraction that ends, rather suddenly, with the click of a mouse and a command: enter.

That’s a funny word: enter. In this case, it doesn’t mean enter at all. Well, it does mean “enter the information into whatever it is that goes on in the computer’s brain”, but for us in the real world, to end something — put it away — is not entering at all, but more of an exit.

Believe me when I say I have wanted to exit all week. Exit my office. Exit work. Exit this hard life.

Stop. Don’t read that last exit the wrong way. I was just thinking about heaven … and heavenly it must be to be surrounded by God, all the time.  Enveloped by His grace, all the time. And then I thought to myself, Self, what are you talking about? You already have that. Look.

And I did. Here is what I found:

  • Life isn’t a game show, so I have the “phone a friend” option all the time.


  • God is present in my life all the time, even if I’m the one with the vision problem.

Just when I thought all that profoundness was enough, I also found laughter in unexpected places.  I don’t need flashing lights and a game show buzzer to know that’s a winner. All the time.