the gold finally got here!


A few days ago I was whining about the leaves not changing fast enough for my liking. It’s been an exercise in patience, for sure. Sometimes, okay, often I am impatient, wanting things immediately, like a little child. Lucky for me my friend, St. Teresa of Avila, reminds me that I need to trust God in all things, even in adversity, even when things aren’t going on the timeline that I want.

Let nothing trouble you / Let nothing frighten you
Everything passes / God never changes
Patience / Obtains all
Whoever has God / Wants for nothing
God alone is enough.

2 thoughts on “the gold finally got here!

  1. I’m so glad that autumn color found you finally! It’s been pretty in my part of the metro area too. I cherish every day the backlighting makes the foliage glow. btw, it was very cool that episode to see you cheer up as the hour progressed!

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