Sewing? Writing? You should be doing the dishes!


Totally enjoyed laughing at the absurdity of this Singer Sewing Machine advice posted above. And then I started thinking about that. What if I substituted “writing” for sewing? Would it make a difference in my writing output? I have three writing projects, two with deadlines. I’m ready to have fun writing in a worry-free, clean environment.

pearlsI was ready. I got up, made a pot of coffee, dashed through the house organizing, dusting, and overall making it look presentable! Yes! I didn’t do any heavy duty cleaning, just decluttering and putting things away. I wanted to leave myself plenty of time to write, doncha know!

Satisfied with having a home ready to accept visitors or a husband coming home early, I jumped in the shower and made myself pretty! I powdered my nose! I wore my pearls!

I wore a smile! Amazing what that can do. Just as I was settling down to write, guess what? My husband came home early. He was delighted to see me smiling, and was happy to come home to a welcoming, warm home.

I didn’t get to do any writing. He was too busy wanting to spend time with me, this unusual creature with a smile who smelled good and was wearing real clothes instead of sweats.




3 thoughts on “Sewing? Writing? You should be doing the dishes!

  1. As I was reading this I just kept fantasizing what life would be like if I followed that advice every day😀

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