having failed miserably at G+

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.01.34 PM

I turn my sights on Linkedin, where I’ve been staring at my profile for hours wondering what I should do.

It was easier on the playground, wasn’t it? A round of One Potato Two Potatoes took care of everything.

17 thoughts on “having failed miserably at G+

  1. Can’t believe I sat through all of that! 🙂 (My Russian husband just asked if that was a song specially for him, – another unforeseen echo, – lovely!)

      1. G+ = something google/g-mail/blogger forces upon us. Of course I deleted everything I had from them. Blogs, mail etc. It just caused trouble…
        At least I think it was that G+ which was referred to in the blogpost.

          1. There are so many ways to “communicate” on the internet, and I don’t know about even half of it. I rarely visit my Facebook, quit Twitter and never had those other things. I don’t want to spend my hours on that, I want to write, make pictures and do my job! Which I love, by the way!

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