this conversation happened…

Hubs: Hey, what are those cute little animals in Star Wars?

Me: …Ewoks?

Hubs: No, you know, those cute little furry things you can pet.

Stunned silence…

Me: Tribbles? Are you talking about Tribbles?

Hubs: Yes!

More stunned silence…

Me: That’s from Star Trek.

Hubs: Whatever, you know what I mean.


Me: No. Not even, but what about Tribbles?

Hubs: I saw a video of the cutest animal that looks like those.

He was talking about this:

24 thoughts on “this conversation happened…

  1. And they breed like tribbles too. 😉 Very cute and funny! Ha Ha! My hubby does that too – they call it incomplete sentences and for some odd reason they think we know what they mean – but so often I don’t … 🙂 LOL!

  2. If these are the same desert frogs I have heard about… they can cause Dogs who lick them a horrible sickness. Many dogs die from licking them. I think a horrible taste occurs and then they can not eat or drink… As for Star Wars and Star Trek… I am a nerd…LOVE IT ALL!

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