WPC: Depth

rainbowI spent the afternoon watching a storm move across the horizon. I’m drawn to storms, especially when they are over the water. The churning sea and the swirling clouds are beautiful, even though they pose danger. I don’t think it’s depressing or sad. On the contrary, it’s very much alive!

It makes me pensive to watch a storm, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I turn to dark thoughts that mirror the skies. Usually, it just inspires a creative force, something that makes me think in new ways. Sometimes I turn to writing poetry or stories. Other times, I just let my mind wander. In a strange way, the storms energize me and leave me refreshed, like the scene that played out before this picture — the day went from the depth of darkness, to a broad happy rainbow.

29 thoughts on “WPC: Depth

  1. Good morning Marla, thank you for following my blog. I have come here to see yours and the first picture I see is your rainbow picture! That was a great shot. We see rainbows here from time to time and an occasional double rainbow – I am still waiting to see one with my camera! Great site you have here; I am following to catch some more!

  2. Here in Arizona we are known for our Summer Storms called Monsoons. To watch them fire up…sort of speak…is so much fun. The clouds in the sky left from the storms moisture…then make the most unbelievable sunsets. Great idea for depth! I am still struggling with my idea!

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