weekly photo challenge: symmetry


I had a lovely morning at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. I participated in an interesting project with an interfaith educational channel, and was charmed by the producer, an interesting woman who was a natural story-teller.

We spoke at length about our different faiths, our families, even a little bit about writing.

We ended up in the church for the midday prayers with the monks. It was a special treat for me, since I missed my usual holy hour earlier. I sat quietly, listening to their chant, listening to the words that have carried the faithful for centuries, and I felt the connection over time, transcending time in that moment. The concord, the harmony — not only of their voices but their movements, was all in balance.

The symmetry struck me.

I felt, in that moment, the breadth, the catholicity of my faith.

32 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: symmetry

  1. This is an awesome photo – from the symmetry of the walls and ceilings to the stained glass window. Most of all I quite enjoyed your narrative. From one catholic to another: job very well done! 🙂

  2. Hi Maria.
    What can I say? First of all… Wow, what a picture!
    Second, thanks for visiting my blog and also for your “appreciation” of my photo.
    Third, I read your “about” page and I like it because it’s simple but depth at the same time.
    Last, but not least, sorry for my rusty English but if you want the next time I’ll write in Italiano…
    Keep on blogging and shooting photos too.

  3. Perfect interpretation of this weeks theme Maria! I’m glad I found you in the blogging world, as I enjoy reading your posts and feel like you are a kindred soul with our faith connecting us.

      1. I also had to chuckle at where you found symmetry as opposed to where I was finding it yesterday….in an old-fashioned diner, with my 70-year-old sister who is a Catholic nun, with two matching chocolate malts in front of us! 🙂

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