Welcome Mission Conference 2013

Welcome to my humble little blog. I hope you’ll learn quite a bit about how to use social media, maybe dare a little to post on Facebook or Google+  or Twitter if you are beginners, or really push yourselves if you make the leap into blogging.

Whatever you choose, remember one very important thing: be yourself.

If you like gardening, then write about gardening.

If you like music, share what moves you.

I you like books, review your favorites.

You see, we’re all unique and have things to share with others, but we share one great thing in common: we love the Lord. Write about that, too. Not as an apologist, unless you are one, but rather, as a faithful Catholic, living your life and doing the things you do.

Give it a try, share it with your family and friends, and join the online conversation.

What would you write about?

Oh Boy! I’m Interviewed by Lisa Hendey!

Some weeks ago I got a delightful email request from Lisa Hendey to interview me for the Catholic Podcaster series she has at CatholicMom.com. I have a tough act to follow, with two of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet leading this series, from Catholic Vitamins: Deacon Tom Fox and his charming wife, Dee. Go check them out — you’ll discover we share a favorite podcast 🙂

Anyway, life happens, you know, and I totally forgot about this interview until this afternoon, when my phone exploded with a series of Tweets. I use push notifications sparingly, but now the cat is out of the bag. The whole world (or the three people who read this blog) now know I get Lisa’s tweets on my phone. Oops.

So I get this hilarious message:

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 7.20.37 PM

I’m like, wut? The last thing I wrote for Lisa was a couple of weeks ago, Glad for Glads, and I sure haven’t done anything exciting since then — classes started! So of course, I immediately go see, because, well, she said I was a star.

Here’s the interview.

She used the goofiest picture she could find, too, with me in a tarnished halo. At least she didn’t use this one:



I blame it on the CNMC

I twittered earlier today that I was suffering from multiple personalities disorder. The fact that I said twittering has probably already confused some people who are not connected to the idea of microblogging is irrelevant! HA!

OK, mom and pop, I’m talking about a bunch of different ways people connect–from blogging, which is what I’m doing here, to microblogging, think of Big Brother in reverse– a webite where I post a sentence that tells people what I am doing, or thinking, or planning to do.

As a resource, it’s pretty interesting and useful. Socially, it’s like passing a note in class–but for work, and some of the creative stuff I like to do, it’s pretty useful. For example, once I post this, I’ll let my friends in other networks know that I did, and hopefully, they’ll come to this blog and read my stuff, maybe leave  comment or two, which will then take me to their sites so I can see what they are doing. Cool, huh?


and there’s more psychosis to come.