more pics…this time post flooding

If you are familiar with That Catholic Show you might recognize one of those pictures from Black Shoals Park, where the water episode was filmed. There was a severe drought at the time of that filming, so you probably won’t actually recognize this at all, but I assure you it’s the same place. We took these pictures from the covered bridge, and to our amazement and delight, a sailboat blew into the scene! In all the years we’ve been going to that bridge I’ve never seen the water deep enough to support a boat that wasn’t built for the shallow waters, let alone a sailboat.

canoe, anyone?

In case you live in a vacuum and haven’t noticed, Georgia is having a wee bit of trouble with TOO MUCH RAIN! First, there’s a drought and we’re fighting with Tennessee and Alabama and condemning lots of little fish in North Florida to their untimely deaths. Now, we have tragedy of the human kind, including a goofball who thought it’d be a good idea to go swimming in a river losing its banks (that’s what the Darwin Awards are for).

I need to fly outta here in the morning to get to Charlotte, NC before 10:30 AM. I’m still going to have a drive to my destination. Things are not looking good around here.

This is the road I would have taken out of the neighborhood. That lake is the river run-off. It hasn’t even crested yet. I’m thinking I’m going to miss North Carolina in the early fall.