afloat and buoyed up


I suppose that’s the same thing — to be afloat or buoyed up. Well. Maybe not so much.

This park, Black Shoals, is fairly close to our home. My husband and I drive out to a wooden covered bridge there every once in a while. We used to walk on the trail by the water, and then just up to the bridge, where we’d look out across the water — mostly at nothing at all. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon talking. Or not talking. After 30 years, the silence can be just as intimate. Maybe more.

These past few years have seen very low water levels due to drought, so when I saw this sailboat I was surprised. I didn’t think sailboats could handle such a small draft. Maybe the water here is way deeper than I thought. Anyway, it was quite a surprise to see the boat appear out of nowhere.

I enjoyed the couple sailing. They reminded me of us, my honey and I. Out on a quiet sunny day doing little more than enjoying each other’s company. More than just staying afloat and surviving, it’s a delightful way to keep each other moving on this journey together.

more pics…this time post flooding

If you are familiar with That Catholic Show you might recognize one of those pictures from Black Shoals Park, where the water episode was filmed. There was a severe drought at the time of that filming, so you probably won’t actually recognize this at all, but I assure you it’s the same place. We took these pictures from the covered bridge, and to our amazement and delight, a sailboat blew into the scene! In all the years we’ve been going to that bridge I’ve never seen the water deep enough to support a boat that wasn’t built for the shallow waters, let alone a sailboat.