I’m no birdwatcher, but…

Is this a Cooper’s Hawk. In my backyard?

John and I were enjoying coffee in our living room this morning. It’s a beautiful day to be outside, but we weren’t quite ready to go out there yet, instead just enjoying the sunshine streaming into the room. A slight breeze was moving the trees and casting an occasional shadow, so we did a double-take when something swooped by the window.

John shot up and went to the window and called me over. There was a hawk in the roses. It must have been hunting the rabbits that have recently over-populated our backyard. The hawk then flew up and perched on the roof of our deck, and then took off to a dead tree just beyond our property.

He was still there when I came back with the camera, and then he flew right back into our yard.


Holy smokes! He hid in one of our trees, watching, dare I say it, like a hawk.

Ha ha. I crack myself up.

So, what is it? Anybody know if we’re right? John says it’s a Cooper’s Hawk. Google images says maybe.

I say, ask the internet 🙂

5 thoughts on “I’m no birdwatcher, but…

  1. Steve deserves more Ha’s than that! That cracked me up. IDK about types of hawks either, but do you want him watching over you while you drink coffee? At least they grab their meal and take it somewhere else to eat, unlike coyotes.

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